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Live In Care For Couples

Living The Life You Choose Together

Live in Care is here to help you to stay together at home

When you’ve spent a lifetime together the last thing you want to happen is to be parted when things change, and you need more help.

Live in Care is here to help you to stay together at home by meeting all care and support requirements of either one or both of you.  This allows you to continue living the life you choose, together, which is one of the most significant benefits of our couple care service.
Please be assured we will respect your privacy and quality time together, we know when to blend into the background when all your needs have been met and you are comfortable, but we will still be nearby if you need us.

Live in care makes life at home more accessible, safer, and more enjoyable for couples, as we can also provide additional companionship.  When a husband or wife needs long term care, having someone to support you that totally understands the emotional impact this has, is invaluable.

Live In Care For Couples

Live-in Care is the Perfect Solution

When one partner in a couple needs more exceptional long-term care and assistance than the other can provide, perhaps due to the onset of a life-changing illness such as Dementia, deciding on the best way forward can be difficult. The possibility that they might be separated by entering a residential care home may also cause anxiety for both; live in care is the perfect solution.
A professional live-in carer can support either one or both partners.  If you both have care and support needs, live-in care for couples is the most affordable and cost-effective form of 24hr support and assistance.
Money is not always the deciding factor in choosing the most suitable option for your loved ones, but the cost of care must be considered carefully.

Sadly, there are very few residential care settings that have the facilities to allow couples to continue to share a room together, and if you’ve lived a life together, we believe you should have the choice to remain together.

Live in Care Somerset
Live in Care has proved to be a really great solution to living alone at home when you need that little extra help

I feel so reassured that I can go away knowing Mum is in the safe hands of the same carer when I take a holiday or attend a family special occasion. Thank you again – you run an amazing service.


How thoughtful it was for you to send the templates of Van Gogh’s masterpieces for my wife to paint. It was so kind of you and whilst my wife can no longer create her own masterpieces, I know she’ll enjoy these, and they will provide some stimulation.


Dad was quite tearful today when Corina left, she has been a wonderful carer and such lovely company for him.  Dad said she felt more like family rather than a stranger within a few hours of meeting her.  A real sweetheart


The service is professional, efficient, friendly, and respectful. Nothing appears too much trouble. They made a prompt and accurate assessment of my mother’s needs and quickly identified a fantastic carer. When they had concerns about my mother’s health the service manager made a personal visit to check that everything was being done that needed to be done.


Making me feel so special on my birthday is only one of the reasons that Live in Care is the best company to work for. I hope I get to spend many more birthdays with you.

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