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Dealing with dementia is a challenging proposition. That is why our dementia care services can help you with the support of a trained live in carer; your Dementia care plan is tailored entirely around the needs of the individual. This ensures that you or your loved ones can continue to make your own lifestyle choices while remaining in the comfort of familiar surroundings.

Caring for someone with Dementia at home can be difficult for you and your family. That’s where we can help.

Five Tips To Help You Interact More Positively With Your Loved One Without Feeling Like It Is a Burden

1) You need to get their attention. Dementia patients have a shorter attention span than others. You need to meet their eyes for contact when you talk to them.

2) Use simple words when communicating. Do not make your conversation too complicated.

3) Ask them yes or no questions. Wait for them to reply before you move onto the next one.

4) Every activity needs to be broken down into steps because that is the only way they will understand.

5) Use a positive tone as much as possible. Your body language and voice tell them everything they need to know.

Why choose Dementia live-in care?

What Our Clients Say About Our Dementia Live In Care Service:

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